Lest we forget (TP 185)

by Merlyn Quaife and Andrea Katz

A manifest of struggle and hope

"This collection of songs began as a protest against recent events in our country, to remind ourselves that the relaxed and comfortable culture our government was intent on bringing us was in fact based on lies, fear, threats, apathy, hatred and the glorification of small-minded selfishness. Above them all, and most perniciously, came the vaunting fallacy that this selfish indifference was quite acceptable, the idea that not caring is somehow simply human and a harmless and innocent thing to do. Listen to our songs. Not caring is never harmless. All the songs were written by and about people whose plight was caused because others did not care enough to see; or even worse, they saw and did not care enough to stop what was happening. The songs, born of suffering or the knowledge of suffering, demonstrate compassion and even love. That is what gives them their strength: the real voice of humanity." MQ & AK

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